AWS EKS Silver Bundle

This course bundle contains Kubernetes on AWS using Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Security & Networking Masterclass courses. Both of these courses are valued at $40. This bundle provides full access to both of these courses for $30.

In this 6+ hours of content, you will learn:

  • Provision EKS using AWS Console, CDK and eksctl
  • Upgrade EKS Cluster using eksctl
  • Configure Fargate with EKS
  • Configure Spot Instances with EKS
  • Map IAM users and roles to Kubernetes RBAC
  • Deploy ALB and Nginx Ingress controllers
  • Deploy kube2iam and ExternalDNS
  • Deploy and Configure Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Scale your EKS Cluster with Cluster Autoscaler, HPA and VPA approaches
  • Logging and Monitoring using Cloudwatch Container Insights, Grafana and Prometheus
  • Stateful deployments with EBS backed persistent storage
  • Container Storage Interface (CSI) provisioner
  • Configure IAM Role with Service Accounts using OIDC
  • Secure EKS API Endpoint Access
  • Deploy Calico Network Policies
  • Pod Networking with AWS CNI
  • Pod Networking with Calico CNI
  • Encrypt EKS Secrets using Customer Managed KMS Key
  • Implement Pod Security Policies
  • ECR Private Endpoint Access
  • Vulnerability Scanning of Docker Images
  • Understand CIS Benchmarks
  • Deploy kube-bench utility
  • EKS Audit Logs

If you're a DevOps Engineer, EKS admin/developer or a Solutions Architect working on AWS platform then this bundle provides everything you need in order to learn, provision and manage Amazon EKS clusters

Original Price: $40

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